The List Episode 24 – Finale

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The List Episode 24

Wow, it’s finished, and all I can say is, it’s been an incredible and awesome ride!

Read The List Episode 24 – Null & Void [Part 2]

Thanks to everyone who has read and showed support for the last couple of years!

A few fun stats (here’s the stats midway):

  • The List now weighs in at approximately 83,500 words
  • Average episode length is 3,480 words apeice
  • Estimated body count (only discretely mentioned): 63 up 40 from the halfway point.
  • Occurrences of the word beam:  144
  • Occurrences of the word nade:  92
  • Occurrences of the word void:  23
  • Occurrences of the word blood:  92
  • Occurrences of the word explode/explosion:  51


Because I can’t help myself:  The end….or is it?