The Eternal Prison is Awesome

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The Eternal Prison is the third book in the Avery Cates series by Jeff Somers, in which we follow Avery Cates, a gunner, as he goes to jail, escapes jail, goes back to jail, escapes jail…and I think goes back to jail again – each time leaving a trail of bodies behind.

The story takes place after The Eternal Church and The Digital Plague, which if you haven’t bought yet you should do yourself a favor and go to the bookstore, smash the window in with a brick, grab these books, and run before the cops get there.  Or, you know, just go buy them from amazon.

In this novel we get to see Avery take on Russians, cops with robot bodies, and towards the end we get some love from the Spooks (pushers and telekinetics). There are some unique twists and turns throughout this novel, which I’ll let you have the joy of figuring out.  The one thing I can’t figure out is how each book in this series somehow manages to be more awesome than the last, and I’m definitely looking forward to getting The Terminal State and the currently untitled 5th book in this series.

Jeff Somer’s writing, while sometimes a little too heavily reliant on the f-bomb for edginess, is an avatar full of wit covered with a layer of blood, grease, and dirt and rammed into a brick wall at 200 mph.  Trust me, that’s a good thing.

Verdict: Awesome