Flash Book Reviews (Oct-Nov 2010)

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Flash book Reviews is something I’m going to try to do every couple of months just to sum up the books I’ve read, and then give a verdict that basically tells you to read it too.

Jumper – this was made into a movie that wasn’t as fun or interesting as the book. HOW DO YOU SCREW UP A MOVIE ABOUT TELEPORTATION? Especially when the book it’s based on has a decent plot (although coincidental at times). Even though you don’t get to the real action (terrorists!) until a good way into the book, the story is still entertaining and fast paced. Verdict: Pretty cool, read it.

Deathworld Trilogy – Three books in one about a gambler looking for a big risk. He decides that going to a planet that is out to kill all humans is the risk he’s looking for.  Fun, classic Harrison, and a little darker at times than his Stainless Steel Rat stories. For some reason the main character forgets he has psy powers in the 2nd and 3rd novels, kind of a bummer since it was fun.  Verdict: Cool 60s Sci Fi.  Read it.

Dune – Bene Gesserit, Mentats, and kwisatz haderach – if you have no idea what those words mean, you must be around page 50 of this book.  Once you get past the hump of “WTF is this book about?”, you start to appreciate all the concepts and you get a really cool story with some tense situations and  fun action scenes. Verdict: Classic, read it.

Dune Messiah – Paul has gained control of the galaxy, but he’s stuck dealing with stuff on the desert planet of Arrakis.  This one has shape shifters!  And BTW, Paul is responsible for the death of billions? Verdict:  Decent follow up, read it.

Children of Dune – This book took me forever to get through.  Interesting yet tragic ending to the trilogy.  Verdict: If you’ve already read the first two you might as well tackle this one too.