Flash Book Reviews (Dec 2010)

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It’s that time again – Flash Book Reviews!  It’s like flash dance, except with books! Er, maybe not…

Rainbows EndVernor Vinge An awesome look at a very possible future. Augmented reality takes center stage here, and the story stays entertaining throughout. Main complaint is that a couple of character threads are left dangling. Verdict: If you want to see what the future will look like, read it. (Check out my full review of Rainbows End here)

The RoadCormac McCarthy Can someone buy this man some quotation marks? The experimental style was distracting when I first picked it up, but the further I got in, the more it just worked. The bleakness of this story about a man and his son is incredible. Verdict: If you enjoy psychologically tense and/or post apocalyptic stories, read it.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective AgencyDouglas Adams My first read into Adam’s books.  It involves a horse, a ghost, a murder, an electric monk, and whatever Dirk Gently actually is (fraud or genius? Or both?). A good portion of this novel is spent on the set up, but it is handled with so much wit that I didn’t even care.  The threads that Adams creates tie together nicely at the end where we discover why all this zany stuff is going on. Verdict: If you want something a little more light hearted and witty (or if you are a fan of Dr. Who type stuff), read it.

Mocking JaySuzzane Collins The final book in the Hunger Games trilogy.  I wasn’t a fan of how some of the characters stories were resolved, and the end felt a little forced. Still, it was an enjoyable read and there was a couple of nice twists. Verdict: If you’ve read the 2nd novel, read it.

Shade’s ChildrenGarth Nix This novel really jumps into the thick of it with one of the main characters being hunted by mutant creatures from another dimension.  The story follows four children who are gifted with a special power as a side effect of the “Change”, and they use these powers to fight against the Overlords and their minions (which leads to some decent action). I loved the logs between chapters and how it lets you get more of a peak into some of the character’s heads. Verdict: Awesome story. If you enjoy superpowers in a unique environment, read it.