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Pixel Art Dinosaurs

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Lacy (my wife) came up with the awesome idea of making some of our own wall art for our dinosaur themed nursery (We’re having a boy by the way! Have I mentioned that yet? We’re pretty stoked!). She did some super cute fabric/stitch dinos, and suggest video game style dinos for me. I loved the idea, and spent a couple weeks brushing up on my pixel art and making these bad boys. Above you can see the original pixel size (64 x 64 for each one), and here they are a little blown up:

Note the raptor is more likely a Deinonychus or Utahraptor at that size – the more you know★!

Tyrannosaurus is kind of doing a little shuffle or something.

Happy Triceratops dude.


Watchmen Wedding Comic Cover


I recently did this as a commission from the bride to give to her husband on the wedding day.  The basic idea was that she wanted a wedding themed comic style cover, and when I heard he is in to the Watchmen I immediately thought of using this cover as the base and worked from there.  Here are the final results, as well as a grunge version I did for science:

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Roland, The Gunslinger

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I’ve been really getting into The Dark Tower series, and was inspired to make an illustration of Roland on the beach (from The Drawing of the Three). I’ve been wanting to try this style out for a while now (especially after seeing Killian Eng’s amazing works), and finally found a subject worthy of it.

If time allows it, I’d really like to do an a scene from each novel using variants of this style – I think the hard part will be choose which scenes, with so many awesome ones!

Meet Roy Karasu, Outlaw

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At my work we started something awesome. Once a week we spend our lunch playing the pencil & paper Star Wars D6 game. We chose this because of the ease of the D6 system (we’ve only got an hour here to play) and the fact that we’re all pretty familiar with Star Wars (this is the IT dept we’re talking about here). So far it’s been flippin’ sweet! Now, I usually like to go all out when creating character back stories, and this game is no exception. I had a little fun coming up with the background text (in the cliched style of the original Star Wars character templates):

Every time you close your good eye, you see his face. His silver hair and those evil eyes haunt your dreams. You were once a part of a successful smuggler family, but he and his gang took everything away from you – your ship, the love of your life, and every other member of your crew. By sheer luck you managed to escape, but at the cost of your left eye. The memories of that day are permanently etched into the void left from the stray blaster beam, and provide fuel for your unquenchable desire for vengeance.

It’s been a year, and you’ve trained to your utmost limit, fighting pirates and crime lords alike, searching for the ones that did this to you. On that fateful day you left your smuggling ways behind, and vowed make the ones responsible pay, no matter the price.

I’ve pumped his stats so with his vibroblade he’s got 7D+1 chance to hit and does a nice 6d+2 DMG just starting out. Basically, if you attack him, you better be doing so from a safe place far far away where he can’t hunt you down and sink the fangs of his blade into your chest.

Meet the Combatants!

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The Gauntlet Character Previews
Episode 8 of The List is shaping up, and should be out towards the end of the week. Yeah, it’s a little late, but February short changed me a few days, I got a nice cold, and Mass Effect 2 didn’t affect my free time at all (okay, maybe just a little bit). Anyway, enjoy this preview pic for now. Can you tell who any of those characters are?

Also, The Scattering did a sweet review of The List! You should check out the indie reviews that she does on her site, because it’s awesome!

The Face of Levi Cole

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I’ve been sketching up some character designs for Levi Cole (most of them horrible!), and I’m working towards getting a solid style down to do a full web comic for ep 1 of The List. I’ll probably go with this aliased/sketchy lines style I’ve been playing with, since it does a good job at masking my lack of talent while also allowing me to be lazy.

One of the tough things about doing this story in a visual medium is that Levi changes his face every episode (read ep 4 for a more detailed/graphic look at that process), and there’s really only a few tough guy faces to chose from when using a more simplistic style (for proof, just compare the faces of Batman and Superman). This is one of the reasons I had been so hesitant drawing Levi at all – I would have to come up with a new design for each ep. One of the ideas I have for this is to collaborate with other artists/doodlers for subsequent episodes of The List, so the art changes style each episode to match the changing faces of Levi. If you’d be interested in working on this let me know, or if anybody has any artistic friends that would be up for this, send them my way.

As for the comic, I hope to make some headway on it in the next few months and – depending on how heavy my other projects are – get something done that I can post online by summer time. In any case I’ll still keep doodling and keep you updated on the progress of this project here. Hate the preliminary design of Levi? Love it? Let me know what you think of all this in the comments!

Mr. Tricks

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Mr. Tricks, a magician themed superhero from episode 5 & episode 6 of The List.  Nothin’ up his sleeves, I swear.

Also, I could use everyone’s help in spreading the word about The List!  You can help by becoming a fan on Facebook and letting all your friends know how awesome you are by telling them about this!

Most Excellent Doctor

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The Doctor from Episode 4 of The List.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a cell shaded image (read: 2 years), and I felt compelled to do one for The Doctor.  Note that this is the blood lite version, if you want one covered in red, just leave a comment or email me.

Full Size (800×600) on DeviantArt


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Doodle of Cortege from Episode 3 of The List.  She just likes to have fun.

BTW, have you listened to Miami Horror’s new album?  I’m digging it.

Deadalus…I mean, Daedalus


Just a doodle of Daedalus, from Episode 1 of The List.  I seriously misspelled his name “Deadalus” about 20 times in that episode.  Now that I think about it, spelling it Deadalus would have been pretty cool.

Made using Paint.Net (it’s ms paint with roid rage).