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The List Season 2 starts…NOW!

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Yep, the long awaited premier of Season 2 is finally upon us. Episode 13 has a mountain, explosions, and more! It’s Levi and Shell, round two – place your bets!

Read The List Episode 13 – The Summit

MOD 2 Submission – Alzheimer’s

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One of the things that kept me busy this month was working on a short story for the Machine of Death 2 Contest that closed on July 15th (of course, I got my submission in on the 14th). I have to say, I really do love the premise of The Machine of Death, and had a blast coming up with ideas that would fit into the MOD universe. You can check my story out by following the link below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Read my MOD 2 Submission – Alzheimer’s (3,100 words)

Also, seriously check the first book out! There’s even a free pdf version, so you really don’t have any excuse not to, do you?

The List ep 12 + 1 year of The List!

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Read The List – Episode 12: Fractured now!

Also, this celebrates a year of The List! So here’s some fun stats:

  • The List is currently weighs in at 40,750 Words
  • Average of 3,395 words per episode
  • Confirmed Body Count: 23 (Only includes those discretely mentioned – the actual number would be much higher)
  • Occurences of the word nade: 53
  • Occurences of the word beam: 71
  • Occurences of the word gun: 82
  • Occurences of the word blade: 103

I’ve got something special planned for next month, so we’ll have a break from The List for a month while I work on that and plan out the next 12 episodes. Stay tuned in to find out more, and thanks for reading!

The List ep 11 is out!

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In this episode, Levi storms a castle to fight a mecha armored knight. What’s that? Oh yes, I did just crank the volume up to 11, thanks for asking.

Read it here: Episode 11: Chivalry is Dead

Expect a doodle of Valor sometime this month, and if anyone wants to try their hand at drawing him or any of the other characters, feel free to do so and post it to the facebook page!

The List Ep 10

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New episode of The List is out! This one involves some actual pseudo science and technology! Don’t worry folks, Levi uses it to bash some skulls, so it’s all cool.

Check it out! Episode 10 – Backstage Pass

This ep actually uses some technology that’s being developed today – paper thin transparent speakers called flexpeakers. You can watch a boring news video of it here:

Episode 9 of The List is out!

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The next ep is out, and on time to boot!

Read The List – Episode 9: Charity Case

I figured it was time to show the softer side of Levi, and here it is! Don’t worry, I’ll think you’ll like it. We’ll return to your normally scheduled programming in the next couple of eps, which continues the fun with topics such as rock stars, knights, and human trafficking!

Ep 8 of The List is out!

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Yep, it’s a little late, but here it is, in all it’s 5,500 word glory!

Read The List – Episode 8: The Gauntlet

I’d been averaging about 3k words per ep, but this one just needed a little more room to breathe. Just don’t let your boss see you spending the extra time reading it at work (unless you’ve got an awesome boss, in which case you should introduce him to The List right now)!

The List Ep 7 is up!

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Episode 7 of The List is ready for your eyes! Read The List – Episode 7: Riot Patrol here!

I finally introduce another super villain! I’ll let you guess what happens to him though. Also, carnage and blood shed.

Next time, Levi destroys a small continent.

The List Ep 6 is up!

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The List Episode 6 - Party Crashing Pt 2

Part two of Party Crashing is out!

Read The List – Episode 6: Party Crashing (Part 2)!

Also, I’d like to know what super powers you’d like to see Levi take on in 2011! Shape shifting? Super speed? Dashing good looks and charisma that could kill?  Let me know, just leave a comment here or over on the Facebook Page!

The List ep 5

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In this episode of The List, Levi is infiltrates an upper class party and battles a magician (No, sadly not this magician, nor this one).

Check it out! Read The List – Episode 5: Party Crashing

This is part one of a two part arc (the second one will drop mid December due to nanowrimo), so I hope you enjoy the cliffhanger.

None of this makes sense?  Start at the beginning, silly.