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The List Season 2 starts…NOW!

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Yep, the long awaited premier of Season 2 is finally upon us. Episode 13 has a mountain, explosions, and more! It’s Levi and Shell, round two – place your bets!

Read The List Episode 13 – The Summit

The List – Now in Edible Web Comic form!

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As some of you know, I’ve spent the last month working on a web comic version of The List, and now it’s time to release it upon the world! I’ll be posting a page a day (22 pages in all) to cover the first episode, and you can follow along at

I’ve had fun working on it (and am still having fun as I continue to finish it up!), and I hope you enjoy reading it! I’ll be posting the links to each page on The List’s FaceBook Page, so you can follow along there (or for the more tech sauvy, you can subscribe to it via RSS).

I’ll still be posting the web fiction version here, and you can expect episode 13 at the beginning of Sept (where we conclude our battle with Shell!…or do we?).

The List ep 12 + 1 year of The List!

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Read The List – Episode 12: Fractured now!

Also, this celebrates a year of The List! So here’s some fun stats:

  • The List is currently weighs in at 40,750 Words
  • Average of 3,395 words per episode
  • Confirmed Body Count: 23 (Only includes those discretely mentioned – the actual number would be much higher)
  • Occurences of the word nade: 53
  • Occurences of the word beam: 71
  • Occurences of the word gun: 82
  • Occurences of the word blade: 103

I’ve got something special planned for next month, so we’ll have a break from The List for a month while I work on that and plan out the next 12 episodes. Stay tuned in to find out more, and thanks for reading!

The List ep 11 is out!

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In this episode, Levi storms a castle to fight a mecha armored knight. What’s that? Oh yes, I did just crank the volume up to 11, thanks for asking.

Read it here: Episode 11: Chivalry is Dead

Expect a doodle of Valor sometime this month, and if anyone wants to try their hand at drawing him or any of the other characters, feel free to do so and post it to the facebook page!

The List Ep 10

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New episode of The List is out! This one involves some actual pseudo science and technology! Don’t worry folks, Levi uses it to bash some skulls, so it’s all cool.

Check it out! Episode 10 – Backstage Pass

This ep actually uses some technology that’s being developed today – paper thin transparent speakers called flexpeakers. You can watch a boring news video of it here:

Episode 9 of The List is out!

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The next ep is out, and on time to boot!

Read The List – Episode 9: Charity Case

I figured it was time to show the softer side of Levi, and here it is! Don’t worry, I’ll think you’ll like it. We’ll return to your normally scheduled programming in the next couple of eps, which continues the fun with topics such as rock stars, knights, and human trafficking!

Ep 8 of The List is out!

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Yep, it’s a little late, but here it is, in all it’s 5,500 word glory!

Read The List – Episode 8: The Gauntlet

I’d been averaging about 3k words per ep, but this one just needed a little more room to breathe. Just don’t let your boss see you spending the extra time reading it at work (unless you’ve got an awesome boss, in which case you should introduce him to The List right now)!

Meet the Combatants!

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The Gauntlet Character Previews
Episode 8 of The List is shaping up, and should be out towards the end of the week. Yeah, it’s a little late, but February short changed me a few days, I got a nice cold, and Mass Effect 2 didn’t affect my free time at all (okay, maybe just a little bit). Anyway, enjoy this preview pic for now. Can you tell who any of those characters are?

Also, The Scattering did a sweet review of The List! You should check out the indie reviews that she does on her site, because it’s awesome!

The Face of Levi Cole

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I’ve been sketching up some character designs for Levi Cole (most of them horrible!), and I’m working towards getting a solid style down to do a full web comic for ep 1 of The List. I’ll probably go with this aliased/sketchy lines style I’ve been playing with, since it does a good job at masking my lack of talent while also allowing me to be lazy.

One of the tough things about doing this story in a visual medium is that Levi changes his face every episode (read ep 4 for a more detailed/graphic look at that process), and there’s really only a few tough guy faces to chose from when using a more simplistic style (for proof, just compare the faces of Batman and Superman). This is one of the reasons I had been so hesitant drawing Levi at all – I would have to come up with a new design for each ep. One of the ideas I have for this is to collaborate with other artists/doodlers for subsequent episodes of The List, so the art changes style each episode to match the changing faces of Levi. If you’d be interested in working on this let me know, or if anybody has any artistic friends that would be up for this, send them my way.

As for the comic, I hope to make some headway on it in the next few months and – depending on how heavy my other projects are – get something done that I can post online by summer time. In any case I’ll still keep doodling and keep you updated on the progress of this project here. Hate the preliminary design of Levi? Love it? Let me know what you think of all this in the comments!

The List Ep 7 is up!

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Episode 7 of The List is ready for your eyes! Read The List – Episode 7: Riot Patrol here!

I finally introduce another super villain! I’ll let you guess what happens to him though. Also, carnage and blood shed.

Next time, Levi destroys a small continent.