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The List Ep 6 is up!

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The List Episode 6 - Party Crashing Pt 2

Part two of Party Crashing is out!

Read The List – Episode 6: Party Crashing (Part 2)!

Also, I’d like to know what super powers you’d like to see Levi take on in 2011! Shape shifting? Super speed? Dashing good looks and charisma that could kill?  Let me know, just leave a comment here or over on the Facebook Page!

The List ep 5

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In this episode of The List, Levi is infiltrates an upper class party and battles a magician (No, sadly not this magician, nor this one).

Check it out! Read The List – Episode 5: Party Crashing

This is part one of a two part arc (the second one will drop mid December due to nanowrimo), so I hope you enjoy the cliffhanger.

None of this makes sense?  Start at the beginning, silly.

Most Excellent Doctor

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The Doctor from Episode 4 of The List.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a cell shaded image (read: 2 years), and I felt compelled to do one for The Doctor.  Note that this is the blood lite version, if you want one covered in red, just leave a comment or email me.

Full Size (800×600) on DeviantArt

Read the List Episode 4: Good Doctor

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Ever wonder where Levi gets his new faces from?  Or how a battle between him and a ninja would go? Well, WONDER NO MORE!

Read The List – Episode 4:  Good Doctor

If you stumbled here by some sort of freak accident involving time travel, then start by reading The List Episode 1.


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Doodle of Cortege from Episode 3 of The List.  She just likes to have fun.

BTW, have you listened to Miami Horror’s new album?  I’m digging it.

Read the List episode 3: Get Organized

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This one features cops!  And guns!  Also, a new adversary for Levi!

Read The List – Episode 3: Get Organized

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, start by reading episode 1!

Read The List – Episode 2: Big Game, FREE!

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Hey, it’s a bonus chapter for this month!  Why?  Because I love you, that’s why!

Read episode 2 online now! And don’t forget to tell everyone how super awesome it is!

The List – Episode 1: PSA (Read Online!)

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Part of what I want to use this site for is to post some of the fiction I write.  The List is an episodic story about a man who assassinates super heros in a futuristic dystopian metropolis, and I plan on releasing an episode at least once a month.  Fans of action, science fiction, and awesomeness – check it out and let me know what you think:

When in doubt, make a list.  That’s exactly what Levi Cole did, and on his list was the names of the people he planned to destroy.  In his line of business – super hero assassination – it paid to stay organized.

Read Online Now:  The List  – Episode 1: PSA