The List Episode 17, Yo.

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Sort of back on schedule, here’s this month’s episode of The List!

Read The List Episode 17 – Prison Break

Coincidentally, we just started watching the television series of the same name. I only ripped it off a little.  So far it’s doing a decent job of filling the void left by Breaking Bad and Sherlock, but what happens when they actually break out of prison?  The way I’d do it is put them in a larger, more complex and more heavily guarded prison each season to step up the ante.  And then in the end, when they break out of the last prison, they find they are in an even bigger prison.  PRISONCEPTION.

Watchmen Wedding Comic Cover

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I recently did this as a commission from the bride to give to her husband on the wedding day.  The basic idea was that she wanted a wedding themed comic style cover, and when I heard he is in to the Watchmen I immediately thought of using this cover as the base and worked from there.  Here are the final results, as well as a grunge version I did for science:

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The List Episode 16, Ready for Consumption

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Why not start the new year off right with an episode of The List? This one continues on the Sin Coalition arc, while ushering in next arc. I’m not going to reveal what it is, you’ll just have to read to find out!

Read The List Episode 16 – Cargo Hold

Episode 15 of The List

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Well, I started NaNoWriMo off with a bang and got this done, but then I got sort of sick and my word count slipped. My bad. But hey, this is done, and I think it’s a fun one!

Read The List Episode 15 – Heist

As always I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this with are your like minded action/violence loving friends/enemies!

The List Episode 14 is out!

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It may be a little late, but hey, here it is!

Read The List Episode 14: The Coalition!

This episode introduces some characters that will probably, like most characters in this series, have very short lived futures. That’s just how Levi rolls.

Roland, The Gunslinger

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I’ve been really getting into The Dark Tower series, and was inspired to make an illustration of Roland on the beach (from The Drawing of the Three). I’ve been wanting to try this style out for a while now (especially after seeing Killian Eng’s amazing works), and finally found a subject worthy of it.

If time allows it, I’d really like to do an a scene from each novel using variants of this style – I think the hard part will be choose which scenes, with so many awesome ones!

The List Season 2 starts…NOW!

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Yep, the long awaited premier of Season 2 is finally upon us. Episode 13 has a mountain, explosions, and more! It’s Levi and Shell, round two – place your bets!

Read The List Episode 13 – The Summit

The List – Now in Edible Web Comic form!

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As some of you know, I’ve spent the last month working on a web comic version of The List, and now it’s time to release it upon the world! I’ll be posting a page a day (22 pages in all) to cover the first episode, and you can follow along at

I’ve had fun working on it (and am still having fun as I continue to finish it up!), and I hope you enjoy reading it! I’ll be posting the links to each page on The List’s FaceBook Page, so you can follow along there (or for the more tech sauvy, you can subscribe to it via RSS).

I’ll still be posting the web fiction version here, and you can expect episode 13 at the beginning of Sept (where we conclude our battle with Shell!…or do we?).

MOD 2 Submission – Alzheimer’s

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One of the things that kept me busy this month was working on a short story for the Machine of Death 2 Contest that closed on July 15th (of course, I got my submission in on the 14th). I have to say, I really do love the premise of The Machine of Death, and had a blast coming up with ideas that would fit into the MOD universe. You can check my story out by following the link below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Read my MOD 2 Submission – Alzheimer’s (3,100 words)

Also, seriously check the first book out! There’s even a free pdf version, so you really don’t have any excuse not to, do you?

ManBabies are humans too!

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I don’t usually do posts regarding (a little site I run on the side), but I felt the need to post this interview that I did about the site for The Pulse Network:

Please spread awareness in your community! ManBabies are humans too!