The List ep 12 + 1 year of The List!

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Read The List – Episode 12: Fractured now!

Also, this celebrates a year of The List! So here’s some fun stats:

  • The List is currently weighs in at 40,750 Words
  • Average of 3,395 words per episode
  • Confirmed Body Count: 23 (Only includes those discretely mentioned – the actual number would be much higher)
  • Occurences of the word nade: 53
  • Occurences of the word beam: 71
  • Occurences of the word gun: 82
  • Occurences of the word blade: 103

I’ve got something special planned for next month, so we’ll have a break from The List for a month while I work on that and plan out the next 12 episodes. Stay tuned in to find out more, and thanks for reading!

The List ep 11 is out!

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In this episode, Levi storms a castle to fight a mecha armored knight. What’s that? Oh yes, I did just crank the volume up to 11, thanks for asking.

Read it here: Episode 11: Chivalry is Dead

Expect a doodle of Valor sometime this month, and if anyone wants to try their hand at drawing him or any of the other characters, feel free to do so and post it to the facebook page!

The List Ep 10

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New episode of The List is out! This one involves some actual pseudo science and technology! Don’t worry folks, Levi uses it to bash some skulls, so it’s all cool.

Check it out! Episode 10 – Backstage Pass

This ep actually uses some technology that’s being developed today – paper thin transparent speakers called flexpeakers. You can watch a boring news video of it here:

Mobile D6 Dice Roller App

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What is it?

The Mobile D6 Dice Roller App is simply that: a free to use web based dice rolling app that is compatible with the D6 System. Whether you are playing Star Wars D6 or any other campaign that uses D6, this app should help keep the flow of your game going so you can get to the meat of your adventure.


Since I started playing a Star Wars D6 campaign at my work, I saw that there weren’t very many D6 Dice Rolling apps, and even less that were optimized for mobile devices. I decided to put together a simple dice roller for my group, and figured why not share this with the world?


  • Easy Total Bad at Maths? Don’t fret, my friend – the D6 roller sums up all your dice rolls for you!
  • Wild Die First Die is wild, and will keep on rolling as long as you are getting sixes. You feeling lucky?
  • Roll History Accidentally roll over an amazing total? Bummer. Show your history to you GM and save your hide.

You can open this app directly in your phone by scanning the QR Code to the left, or you can just go to on your iPhone, Android, or any other internet capable mobile device. While you are at it, why not save it to your home screen for easy access?

Preview it! »

Know of any ways to make this D6 Dice Roller any better? Have any issues or suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

04/20/2011 – Quick Edit: I’ve made a D20 version too, you can check it out at

Meet Roy Karasu, Outlaw

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At my work we started something awesome. Once a week we spend our lunch playing the pencil & paper Star Wars D6 game. We chose this because of the ease of the D6 system (we’ve only got an hour here to play) and the fact that we’re all pretty familiar with Star Wars (this is the IT dept we’re talking about here). So far it’s been flippin’ sweet! Now, I usually like to go all out when creating character back stories, and this game is no exception. I had a little fun coming up with the background text (in the cliched style of the original Star Wars character templates):

Every time you close your good eye, you see his face. His silver hair and those evil eyes haunt your dreams. You were once a part of a successful smuggler family, but he and his gang took everything away from you – your ship, the love of your life, and every other member of your crew. By sheer luck you managed to escape, but at the cost of your left eye. The memories of that day are permanently etched into the void left from the stray blaster beam, and provide fuel for your unquenchable desire for vengeance.

It’s been a year, and you’ve trained to your utmost limit, fighting pirates and crime lords alike, searching for the ones that did this to you. On that fateful day you left your smuggling ways behind, and vowed make the ones responsible pay, no matter the price.

I’ve pumped his stats so with his vibroblade he’s got 7D+1 chance to hit and does a nice 6d+2 DMG just starting out. Basically, if you attack him, you better be doing so from a safe place far far away where he can’t hunt you down and sink the fangs of his blade into your chest.

Episode 9 of The List is out!

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The next ep is out, and on time to boot!

Read The List – Episode 9: Charity Case

I figured it was time to show the softer side of Levi, and here it is! Don’t worry, I’ll think you’ll like it. We’ll return to your normally scheduled programming in the next couple of eps, which continues the fun with topics such as rock stars, knights, and human trafficking!


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For some odd reason on Friday I got a weird nostalgic craving for anime I loved as a kid – anime brought to me mostly by the block of programming on Cartoon Network known as Toonami. It was especially strange because the 14th anniversary of Toonami was last Thursday (though it had been cancelled in 2008). I couldn’t help but think back to the seventh grade and the long bus rides back home, eager to watch DBZ and whatever other cool shows they had lined up for me.

So what was it that made Toonami great? It was more than just an awesome line up of action cartoons and anime – it was a brief glimpse into a culture half the world away from us. It was a gateway “drug” that lead many kids in my generation into seeking more of this out and becoming Otakus (or just plain anime geeks) in their own right. Even those that didn’t go down this path can still recall the epicness of Super Saiyan battles and giant robot action. Sure, sometimes the shows were edited to the ground, but when I think about it now, maybe that wasn’t really a terrible thing. It allowed parents a little peace of mind when they let 9 to 12 year olds watch these kinds of shows (which even unedited were fairly tame compared to the anime you could rent from Blockbuster at the time).

One of the other neat things about Toonami is that they put together really cool promos, with fun techno/electronic drum and bass music. They even redid some of the show intros, which to my 11 year old mind were the coolest things ever (though anime purists would probably pull their hair out about that). Not only did they have the cool promos, but they had inspiring lessons for kids, with sweet action spliced in middle of it all. Observe:

So what’s next? The multitude of ways for kids to acquire anime is tremendous. With sites like netflix, hulu, crunchyroll, and many others streaming these shows legitimately, anime has become increasingly accessible. It’s still sad that many kids might miss out on anime and the awesome message that Toonami brought with it, but with the landscape changing the way it is, there is still hope that they’ll find joy and inspiration through these new sources.

Thank you Toonami, for being awesome.

Ep 8 of The List is out!

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Yep, it’s a little late, but here it is, in all it’s 5,500 word glory!

Read The List – Episode 8: The Gauntlet

I’d been averaging about 3k words per ep, but this one just needed a little more room to breathe. Just don’t let your boss see you spending the extra time reading it at work (unless you’ve got an awesome boss, in which case you should introduce him to The List right now)!

Meet the Combatants!

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The Gauntlet Character Previews
Episode 8 of The List is shaping up, and should be out towards the end of the week. Yeah, it’s a little late, but February short changed me a few days, I got a nice cold, and Mass Effect 2 didn’t affect my free time at all (okay, maybe just a little bit). Anyway, enjoy this preview pic for now. Can you tell who any of those characters are?

Also, The Scattering did a sweet review of The List! You should check out the indie reviews that she does on her site, because it’s awesome!

Check This Out: Merantau

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I caught this Indonesian martial arts film the other day and was pleasantly surprised. While on his Merantau (basically a rite of passage journey), Yuda befriends a girl who he must protect from a dangerous human trafficking ring. He does this using Silat – the versatile and bone crunching martial arts style native to the Indonesian area – which results in some fantastically choreographed fight scenes. Iko Uwais, the lead, was enjoyable to watch, and I’m looking forward to his future roles (it looks like he’s got a movie coming this year titled Berandal, sweet!). – Scratch that, it looks like the new project is titled The Raid. Thanks, Kunderemp!

At first glance this movie might look similar to Tony Ja’s Ong Bak or The Protector, but it has deeper characterization and I liked the story better (think Taken) and kind of a surprise ending. In any case if you enjoyed those two movies I just mentioned, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this as well. Those of you with Netflix, Merantau is available to watch instantly, so check it out!.