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Spring 2013 Anime Watch List

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The spring 2013 season of anime is underway, and CrunchyRoll has killed it in terms of snatching up licenses. I’ve already picked a few of them up to watch, check out my initial thoughts below.

Note: All of these series can be found on the CrunchyRoll Spring Lineup Page.

Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack on Titan

Check out Attack on Titan on CrunchyRoll.

That style. That setting. That over the top awesome acrobatic titan fighting gear. If I only watched one series this year, this would be it.

It looks like the studio is rearranging the story to be more chronological compared to the manga, and in doing so if fleshing some of the characters out a bit more.  As long as it manages to pile on the heaping amounts of despair the source material delivered, I’ll be happy.

Continuing: Hunter X Hunter

This coming week marks the start of the Chimera Ant arc. This is big news. I was a fan of the original HxH run (I’m a sucker for tradition cell animation), but Madhouse Studio has done a great job at updating the series, and I can’t wait to see their approach to one of the most disturbing arcs in shonen history.

Aku No Hana/Flowers of Evil

Rotoscoped anime? I’m game. No demons, robots, or over powered main characters here. Just pure awkward and psychological high school drama.

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

I hope we get more of the space action that filled the first 15 minutes. Still yet, the water planet (Spoiler: IT’S EARTH!) makes for an interesting setting. Because the one thing I thought Water World was missing was a giant pilot-able death machine.

Valvrave the Liberator

I have no idea what is going on after just watching the first episode, but it seems like this series is going to have giant robots and get dark and I like it.

Severing Crime Edge

So the main character is obsessed with cutting hair and meets a girl whose hair can not be cut. Except by his special scissors. Okay I’m not so sure about this…BUT WAIT his scissors were used as a murder weapon in the past!  And now he must fight off other crazies with murder weapons. Sold.

Devil Survivor 2 THE ANIMATION

A catastrophic event has hit Japan (read: Demons have invaded Japan! AGAIN!).  Their last line of defense are a group of people who can summon their own demons through a cell phone app. Could be fun.


Seems like your standard “Main Character transported to alternate/fantasy world where he can weld a special power that will save said world from turmoil” kind of show. Except with a body swapped trope thrown in for good measure. Will probably watch while waiting for the other shows.

Majestic Prince

It’s sort of like Gundam Wing/00 but instead of being awesome the main team of pilots are all scrubs. Not sure if this show is going to try to be serious, will wait and see.


What series will you be watching?



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For some odd reason on Friday I got a weird nostalgic craving for anime I loved as a kid – anime brought to me mostly by the block of programming on Cartoon Network known as Toonami. It was especially strange because the 14th anniversary of Toonami was last Thursday (though it had been cancelled in 2008). I couldn’t help but think back to the seventh grade and the long bus rides back home, eager to watch DBZ and whatever other cool shows they had lined up for me.

So what was it that made Toonami great? It was more than just an awesome line up of action cartoons and anime – it was a brief glimpse into a culture half the world away from us. It was a gateway “drug” that lead many kids in my generation into seeking more of this out and becoming Otakus (or just plain anime geeks) in their own right. Even those that didn’t go down this path can still recall the epicness of Super Saiyan battles and giant robot action. Sure, sometimes the shows were edited to the ground, but when I think about it now, maybe that wasn’t really a terrible thing. It allowed parents a little peace of mind when they let 9 to 12 year olds watch these kinds of shows (which even unedited were fairly tame compared to the anime you could rent from Blockbuster at the time).

One of the other neat things about Toonami is that they put together really cool promos, with fun techno/electronic drum and bass music. They even redid some of the show intros, which to my 11 year old mind were the coolest things ever (though anime purists would probably pull their hair out about that). Not only did they have the cool promos, but they had inspiring lessons for kids, with sweet action spliced in middle of it all. Observe:

So what’s next? The multitude of ways for kids to acquire anime is tremendous. With sites like netflix, hulu, crunchyroll, and many others streaming these shows legitimately, anime has become increasingly accessible. It’s still sad that many kids might miss out on anime and the awesome message that Toonami brought with it, but with the landscape changing the way it is, there is still hope that they’ll find joy and inspiration through these new sources.

Thank you Toonami, for being awesome.

Anime you should watch

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SFSignal recently did a mind meld on the topic of Underrated Anime, which certainly listed some great series (RaXephon, Seirei no Moribito, Noir), and even had some that I’ve now got on my to watch list (Master Keaton, Boogie Bop Phantom, why have I not watched you?).

In the spirit of that mind meld, I thought it would be fun to share a short list of anime that in my mind should get more attention.


The first thing you’ll notice about this series is the loose/sketchy style, which really shines with the absurd fight scenes.  Great action, and a very intriguing story involving a parallel future in which beings intent on destroying everything rule the world.  But seriously, just check out this fight scene:


Crazy awesome and violent fight scenes and a timeline that stretches from Feudal to future post-apocalyptic Japan.  Brought to you by Madhouse Studios, so you know the animation is top notch. The opening will make your ears bleed, so it sets the mood appropriately:


Half demon chicks with swords.  Large swords.  Madhouse Studios continues to pump out quality work, and this is no exception (though I’ll admit they dropped the ball on the last few episodes, oh well). Available on netflix watch instantly, so go check it out (this one is also EXTREMELY bloody).

Honorable Mentions:

Basilisk – Iga clan vs Kouga clan, it’s sort of like Romeo and Juliet except it’s an all out battle royale of ninja proportions.  Warning: do not grow connected to any of the characters.

Outlaw Star – this is just a fun series that only took itself seriously when it had to, and when it did it rocked.

G Gundam – Giant robots demolishing each other in hand to hand combat, ala street fighter.  What’s not to love about that?

This list is not exhaustive in any way (and I’m going to do a follow up post with shows I did not mention here), so if you feel like there’s an anime series that’s underrated and needs some attention, let us know in the comments!