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The List ep 12 + 1 year of The List!

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Read The List – Episode 12: Fractured now!

Also, this celebrates a year of The List! So here’s some fun stats:

  • The List is currently weighs in at 40,750 Words
  • Average of 3,395 words per episode
  • Confirmed Body Count: 23 (Only includes those discretely mentioned – the actual number would be much higher)
  • Occurences of the word nade: 53
  • Occurences of the word beam: 71
  • Occurences of the word gun: 82
  • Occurences of the word blade: 103

I’ve got something special planned for next month, so we’ll have a break from The List for a month while I work on that and plan out the next 12 episodes. Stay tuned in to find out more, and thanks for reading!