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The Face of Levi Cole

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I’ve been sketching up some character designs for Levi Cole (most of them horrible!), and I’m working towards getting a solid style down to do a full web comic for ep 1 of The List. I’ll probably go with this aliased/sketchy lines style I’ve been playing with, since it does a good job at masking my lack of talent while also allowing me to be lazy.

One of the tough things about doing this story in a visual medium is that Levi changes his face every episode (read ep 4 for a more detailed/graphic look at that process), and there’s really only a few tough guy faces to chose from when using a more simplistic style (for proof, just compare the faces of Batman and Superman). This is one of the reasons I had been so hesitant drawing Levi at all – I would have to come up with a new design for each ep. One of the ideas I have for this is to collaborate with other artists/doodlers for subsequent episodes of The List, so the art changes style each episode to match the changing faces of Levi. If you’d be interested in working on this let me know, or if anybody has any artistic friends that would be up for this, send them my way.

As for the comic, I hope to make some headway on it in the next few months and – depending on how heavy my other projects are – get something done that I can post online by summer time. In any case I’ll still keep doodling and keep you updated on the progress of this project here. Hate the preliminary design of Levi? Love it? Let me know what you think of all this in the comments!