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Spring 2013 Anime Watch List

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The spring 2013 season of anime is underway, and CrunchyRoll has killed it in terms of snatching up licenses. I’ve already picked a few of them up to watch, check out my initial thoughts below.

Note: All of these series can be found on the CrunchyRoll Spring Lineup Page.

Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack on Titan

Check out Attack on Titan on CrunchyRoll.

That style. That setting. That over the top awesome acrobatic titan fighting gear. If I only watched one series this year, this would be it.

It looks like the studio is rearranging the story to be more chronological compared to the manga, and in doing so if fleshing some of the characters out a bit more.  As long as it manages to pile on the heaping amounts of despair the source material delivered, I’ll be happy.

Continuing: Hunter X Hunter

This coming week marks the start of the Chimera Ant arc. This is big news. I was a fan of the original HxH run (I’m a sucker for tradition cell animation), but Madhouse Studio has done a great job at updating the series, and I can’t wait to see their approach to one of the most disturbing arcs in shonen history.

Aku No Hana/Flowers of Evil

Rotoscoped anime? I’m game. No demons, robots, or over powered main characters here. Just pure awkward and psychological high school drama.

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

I hope we get more of the space action that filled the first 15 minutes. Still yet, the water planet (Spoiler: IT’S EARTH!) makes for an interesting setting. Because the one thing I thought Water World was missing was a giant pilot-able death machine.

Valvrave the Liberator

I have no idea what is going on after just watching the first episode, but it seems like this series is going to have giant robots and get dark and I like it.

Severing Crime Edge

So the main character is obsessed with cutting hair and meets a girl whose hair can not be cut. Except by his special scissors. Okay I’m not so sure about this…BUT WAIT his scissors were used as a murder weapon in the past!  And now he must fight off other crazies with murder weapons. Sold.

Devil Survivor 2 THE ANIMATION

A catastrophic event has hit Japan (read: Demons have invaded Japan! AGAIN!).  Their last line of defense are a group of people who can summon their own demons through a cell phone app. Could be fun.


Seems like your standard “Main Character transported to alternate/fantasy world where he can weld a special power that will save said world from turmoil” kind of show. Except with a body swapped trope thrown in for good measure. Will probably watch while waiting for the other shows.

Majestic Prince

It’s sort of like Gundam Wing/00 but instead of being awesome the main team of pilots are all scrubs. Not sure if this show is going to try to be serious, will wait and see.


What series will you be watching?