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Check This Out: Merantau

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I caught this Indonesian martial arts film the other day and was pleasantly surprised. While on his Merantau (basically a rite of passage journey), Yuda befriends a girl who he must protect from a dangerous human trafficking ring. He does this using Silat – the versatile and bone crunching martial arts style native to the Indonesian area – which results in some fantastically choreographed fight scenes. Iko Uwais, the lead, was enjoyable to watch, and I’m looking forward to his future roles (it looks like he’s got a movie coming this year titled Berandal, sweet!). – Scratch that, it looks like the new project is titled The Raid. Thanks, Kunderemp!

At first glance this movie might look similar to Tony Ja’s Ong Bak or The Protector, but it has deeper characterization and I liked the story better (think Taken) and kind of a surprise ending. In any case if you enjoyed those two movies I just mentioned, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this as well. Those of you with Netflix, Merantau is available to watch instantly, so check it out!.