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Mobile D6 Dice Roller App

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What is it?

The Mobile D6 Dice Roller App is simply that: a free to use web based dice rolling app that is compatible with the D6 System. Whether you are playing Star Wars D6 or any other campaign that uses D6, this app should help keep the flow of your game going so you can get to the meat of your adventure.


Since I started playing a Star Wars D6 campaign at my work, I saw that there weren’t very many D6 Dice Rolling apps, and even less that were optimized for mobile devices. I decided to put together a simple dice roller for my group, and figured why not share this with the world?


  • Easy Total Bad at Maths? Don’t fret, my friend – the D6 roller sums up all your dice rolls for you!
  • Wild Die First Die is wild, and will keep on rolling as long as you are getting sixes. You feeling lucky?
  • Roll History Accidentally roll over an amazing total? Bummer. Show your history to you GM and save your hide.

You can open this app directly in your phone by scanning the QR Code to the left, or you can just go to http://kristruitt.com/d6 on your iPhone, Android, or any other internet capable mobile device. While you are at it, why not save it to your home screen for easy access?

Preview it! »

Know of any ways to make this D6 Dice Roller any better? Have any issues or suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

04/20/2011 – Quick Edit: I’ve made a D20 version too, you can check it out at http://kristruitt.com/d20.

Meet Roy Karasu, Outlaw

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At my work we started something awesome. Once a week we spend our lunch playing the pencil & paper Star Wars D6 game. We chose this because of the ease of the D6 system (we’ve only got an hour here to play) and the fact that we’re all pretty familiar with Star Wars (this is the IT dept we’re talking about here). So far it’s been flippin’ sweet! Now, I usually like to go all out when creating character back stories, and this game is no exception. I had a little fun coming up with the background text (in the cliched style of the original Star Wars character templates):

Every time you close your good eye, you see his face. His silver hair and those evil eyes haunt your dreams. You were once a part of a successful smuggler family, but he and his gang took everything away from you – your ship, the love of your life, and every other member of your crew. By sheer luck you managed to escape, but at the cost of your left eye. The memories of that day are permanently etched into the void left from the stray blaster beam, and provide fuel for your unquenchable desire for vengeance.

It’s been a year, and you’ve trained to your utmost limit, fighting pirates and crime lords alike, searching for the ones that did this to you. On that fateful day you left your smuggling ways behind, and vowed make the ones responsible pay, no matter the price.

I’ve pumped his stats so with his vibroblade he’s got 7D+1 chance to hit and does a nice 6d+2 DMG just starting out. Basically, if you attack him, you better be doing so from a safe place far far away where he can’t hunt you down and sink the fangs of his blade into your chest.