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The List – Now in Edible Web Comic form!

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As some of you know, I’ve spent the last month working on a web comic version of The List, and now it’s time to release it upon the world! I’ll be posting a page a day (22 pages in all) to cover the first episode, and you can follow along at SuperHeroesMustDie.com.

I’ve had fun working on it (and am still having fun as I continue to finish it up!), and I hope you enjoy reading it! I’ll be posting the links to each page on The List’s FaceBook Page, so you can follow along there (or for the more tech sauvy, you can subscribe to it via RSS).

I’ll still be posting the web fiction version here, and you can expect episode 13 at the beginning of Sept (where we conclude our battle with Shell!…or do we?).