The List

When in doubt, make a list.  That’s exactly what Levi Cole did, and on his list is the names of the people he plans to destroy.  In his line of business – super hero assassination – it pays to stay organized.


Episode 1:  PSA

Episode 2: Big Game

Episode 3: Get Organized

Episode 4: Good Doctor

Episode 5: Party Crashing (pt 1)

Episode 6: Party Crashing (pt 2)

Episode 7: Riot Patrol

Episode 8: The Gauntlet

Episode 9: Charity Case

Episode 10: Backstage Pass

Episode 11: Chivalry is Dead

Episode 12: Fractured

Episode 13: The Summit

Episode 14: The Coalition

Episode 15: Heist

Episode 16: Cargo Hold

Episode 17: Prison Break

Episode 18: Martial Law (Part 1)

Episode 19: Martial Law (Part 2)

Episode 20: New Recruits

Episode 21: The Precinct

Episode 22: Inside Man

Episode 23 – Null & Void (Part 1)

Episode 24 – Null & Void (Part 2)NEW!

Prima Facie

After a near fatal car accident, High School student Apollo is gifted with the ability to live out future events in his dreams.  As he searches for answers, the line between real life and dreams blur, and he is thrown into a plot involving assassins, super human agents, and an international crime organization.

Status: Hunting for Representation

Machine of Death 2 Contest Submission

MOD2 Contest Submission – Alzheimer’s

Dream Sequence

Top Secret!

Status: On Hiatus